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The name of my company, speaks EXACT to the purpose of the idea (concept) for the service(s) rendered. 
The typography is extremely important to the brand, let’s explore

Look at the word CONCEPT… It's not “neat”. It appears to be handwritten. It's not put together.  The typography for the word speaks to the idea/thought you create. The concept can sometimes be your rough draft. 
My representation of the word
CONCEPT is to signify that your idea/thought is in the beginning stages/steps of creating your brand. There is a reason why CONCEPT is in the word CONCEPTUALIZE. This is the moment you form an idea.
Look at the word
TO… It looks like a working wheel.  Almost like tools... Reminds me of lug nuts in a tire. They are used to hold the tire in place on the car. It’s the connecting portion of the concept to the brand. 
My representation of the word
TO signifies the work you will have to complete to start working towards creating your brand.  These are the steps that you often do alone. You may have some people you bounce ideas off of, but for the most part, you are working the steps and building the blocks of the idea/thought or concept you created. 
Look at the word
BRAND… It almost appears to be metal or steel.  It doesn’t look like it can be broken but each letter still has room to grow.  There are many steps once the brand is complete but once the brand is complete, you are working on operations and the organization
My representation of the word
BRAND is to signify how concrete your thoughts become once you have a concept in place and the moment you are working towards meeting and gaining the attention of your customer/client/visitor. 
You own a Beauty Line business and you have no idea what your business truly needs.  Well, here are some examples:
The Logo
Screen Shot 2021-03-14 at 2.07.28 PM.png
The Business Card
Screen Shot 2021-03-14 at 2.16.59 PM.png
Marketing Essentials
Take Over The Search Engines
Screen Shot 2021-03-14 at 5.00.41 PM.png
Custom QR Codes
Envision QR Code.png

Social Media Style

Other Business Options:
  • Custom Websites

  • Custom Business Cards

  • Custom Video Promos

  • Custom Graphic Promos

  • Custom Postcards

  • Custom Magnets

  • Custom Notebooks

  • Custom Pens

  • Custom Coffee Mugs

  • Custom Paper Bags

  • Custom Hang Tags

  • Custom Gift Certificates

  • Custom Bookmarks

  • Custom Stamps & Ink

  • Custom Rack Cards

  • Custom Business Foam Boards

  • Custom Tablecloths

  • Custom Table Runners </