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Who is considered a "client"?

Anyone who has paid a deposit and who has a signed agreement.


How much of an invoice has to be paid to start?

This depends on the total invoice amount. Ranges from FULL, 30%, or 50% deposit.


Does C2B offer payment plan

Yes, C2B does offer payment plans for invoices over a certain price point.


How long does it take for C2B to complete a website?

That depends on how intricate the website will be.


How long does it take for a logo design?

That depends on the intricacy of the logo design. There are photo logos, letters logos, and text logos.


Can I have a "free" consultation?

"Free" consultations are only for C2B current clients.


How do I get in contact with the developer?

Current clients of C2B are provided with an app. Outsiders will need to schedule a consult of email developer. Time slots are provided to clients first.


How many services can I add to my invoice?

As many as you need... And once you are a client, you can continue to add more.


Can I make changes to my invoice?

Yes, any projects that are not "started" can be removed or added.

FAQ 10

How can I track which service is being worked on by the developer?

C2B clients will monitor the tracking on a web-based platform.

FAQ 11

Can I cancel my services?

Yes, current clients can cancel any services that have not been started. Clients will not receive a refund for any service that has been stared or provided to the client.

FAQ 12

How do I know all of the third-party entities that I will have to pay?

All clients will receive a list of all third-party entities that require payments.

FAQ 13

Can a deadline change?

Yes, deadlines require information submissions from the client. If the client delays, the developer will also be delayed. The developer will notify the client about any delays.

FAQ 14

What is the difference between a consultation and a training?

A CONSULTATION is used to discuss services/updates. A TRAINING is used to train the client on using the backend of their website.

FAQ 15

How many hours of training will I receive?

Clients receive 4 hours of "free" training. After the 4 "free" hours, clients will pay the hourly rate.

FAQ 16

How many revisions can I ask for?

Clients are allowed 3 revisions. Developer will show client reviews prior to completion so that there are no full revisions.

FAQ 17

How can I pay?

Credit Card and PayPal.

FAQ 18

What if I miss a payment?

The developer will stop all services until payment has been received. More information is available in agreement.

FAQ 19

I cannot remember my password. What should I do?

Reach out to the developer for assistance.

FAQ 20

Can I change my credit card on file?

Yes, please contact the developer for more assistance.

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