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Let's Talk Mobile Apps

Let’s Talk Apps… 


Are you aware that there are different types of apps that you can have for your brand/business? 


Two main types are:

  1. Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

  2. Native Apps



So, What’s The Difference? Which One Is Best?


PWAs uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript


Native Apps are developed with the programming languages of each platform (Objective-C and Swift for iOS and Java for Android)


PWA Features:

  • Cheaper option

  • Faster to build, easy to update

  • Supported by Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge

  • Works like any website so it can be indexed in search engines

  • Easy to install to a home screen on mobile device

  • No app store purchases, no downloads

  • Loads quickly

  • E-Commerce friendly

  • Video friendly

  • Blog friendly

  • Stream friendly 

  • Digital Course friendly 

  • Doesn’t take up space on the mobile device

  • Great customer retention

PRICE RANGE: $300 - $1,800
*Monthly/Yearly Fees Also Required*

NATIVE Features:

  • Expensive Option

  • Complex to build, more steps to update

  • Code is FASTER & more POWERFUL

  • Supported by iOS and Android

  • Cannot be found in search engines

  • Must be installed on mobile devices and downloaded

  • App store purchase, can be listed for FREE 

  • E-Commerce friendly 

  • Video friendly 

  • Blog friendly 

  • Stream friendly 

  • Security features

  • Smartphone features

  • Build credibility for your brand

  • Interacts with other apps

  • Push Notifications

  • Geofencing capabilities 

  • Customers may delete app and not redownload 

PRICE RANGE: $1,200 - $2,000
*Monthly/Yearly Fees Also Required*

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